Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Horror.

Given that Obama's science Czar want to control the US population via compulsory drugs and mandatory abortions, it makes perfect sense that he wanted a massive "de-development" of the USA.
Nature is a many things, including beautiful. But it's a terrible beauty. Nothing at all like the benevolent ersatz god of hippies and hemp they imagine it to be.

But our "science" czar proposed de-industrializing and reducing our consumption in order to live lives closer to the way nature intended, to wit, nasty, brutish, and short.

Oh -- and, of course. While he was vigorously campaigning for the elimination of most of the Western World's wealth, he was simultaneously urging that what was left of it (by the Planetary Regime which would enforce such laws) be redistributed to those more deserving of nature's frugal bounty.

But don't worry. You can trust these guys with your healthcare and industry.

It's not like they'd use Health Care "Reform" and Cap and "Trade" to put in social controls that they've stated a desire for.

Look at the Stimulus. See how well that worked out?

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