Friday, January 14, 2011


At first blush this does seem pretty odd.

James Taranto:
Back in the 1960s, who’d have imagined that a septuagenarian white sheriff from Arizona with a hostility to free speech would one day become a hero to the left?

Via Glen who also has a reader remind us: "Old narrative: dissent is patriotic. New narrative: dissent is dangerous."

But here's the thing, it's not strange or bizzare at all. Roger L. Simon explains:

One of the problems that conservatives have in attacking liberals is that liberalism doesn’t really exist. There’s no there there. It’s simply a masquerade for greed – a bunch of phony precepts no one really believes that are mouthed in order to get on unmolested with the business of material acquisition... A spinoff aspect of this is that when you attack phony pieties your adversary doesn’t really care. It’s only about cosmetics.

Narrative, cosmetics, all the same illusion in the greater goal of power.

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