Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smart Diplomacy.

Bruce McQuain looks at the Obama admin's incompetence and fecklessness on the Libya situation.

It took the President 9 days to speak out about the situation there and then his remarks were anything but forceful. Even Chris Matthews found them wanting saying they “lacked dignity”. Essentially we got the “unacceptable” line and a promise to send the Secretary of State to … Geneva? Well yes, that’s where she’ll repeat how “unacceptable” all of this is – in 5 days from now, of course.

So in sum, we find out that our government has no plans, other than [chartering a single] ferry – which I’m sure isn’t big enough to carry the full number of Americans from Libya who might need to be evacuated, but, because of violence, haven’t been able to make it to that particular evacuation point – to evacuate the thousands of American citizens there. No military plan. No orders to ships such as the Kearsarge group (which is the closest) or the Enterprise group off Pakistan to redeploy to the coast of Libya to aid in the evacuation of Americans.

A real evacuation would take an entire sealift of ships organized and sent out. And from the Obama gang we get... nothing.

Wow, these clowns really did think that the whole world would bend to their will simply because Obama's not Bush and can read from a teleprompter.

I'll leave you with jjshaka's comment: "Can you even imagine this group of craven imbeciles in charge during WWII? Flummoxed by Libya- good God."

Maybe the ship, at least, isn't quite as inept.

And the problem isn't just the US.

Don’t we live in a decent world? In other words, two weeks into the Libyan crisis the United States, Europe and the rest of the “international community” has done…nothing.

Get use to it.

In our new world order, madman from North Korea to Tripoli will be able to do as they please with complete abandon. And there will be very few real consequences.

Aren't you glad that we've got Smart Diplomacy instead of that evil old Cowboy style?

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