Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Stakes.

After seeing the constant preaching , whining, incompetence, bloated egos, double talk, and abject failure of our political "leaders"...

I had a strong desire to see some Adults. People who took responsibility and duty.

Stephen Green and Richard Fernandez delivered.

These were serious and — if you’ll pardon me using the word — sober men, faced with a terrible mess they’d inherited. Then they quite purposefully and methodically went about the business of preventing a third global war by making it too terrible even for Stalin’s heirs to contemplate.

It was a distasteful thing, at best, spending billions on nuclear bombs and bombers and fighters and missiles and submarines and all the rest. Many of our best minds were devoted to new forms of mass death, and the command and control technologies to make it all work, instead of pursuing business, politics or the arts. Many of our finest men were tasked to making sure all those bombs and delivery systems would work, 24/7, no excuses and at a moment’s notice — just in case we suddenly needed to wipe out a third of the planet.

Because they were serious and sober, because they didn’t flinch, because they were grownups — they succeeded in their primary mission of preventing The First World Nuclear War.

It's all to easy to stay a child in today's world. So often one can fall onto someone else for support, let someone else take charge, and pretend that hard decisions between bad and worse choices don't exist.

There are people that go though their whole lives in Condition White, aimlessly floating along.

It wouldn't be so bad if the rest of us were lumped in with them, being herded by "leaders" who are even more inept.

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