Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kilted to Kick Cancer: There's still time!

It's still September for a few more hours.

That means there's still time to donate.

Coincidentally, there was also a blogmeet today.

A grand time was had talking about firearms patent law,   HVAC systems,  and microphone history among other things.

And since it was still September I was kilted up.

Thanks to Brigid for taking the photo.  Brigid also took the group photo so watch her blog for the post.
She and Engineering Johnson had a gift for Roberta but unfortunately the photo I took was too blurry.

And it wouldn't be Indy if there wasn't some classic race cars.

 And it wouldn't be Broad Ripple if there wasn't dogs.
This trio of Bernese Mountain Dogs were great.

Though the 4 month old pup was so tuckered out that she stayed asleep.

Update: Brigid has a more complete tale with more photos here.

1 comment:

Home on the Range said...

You absolutely rocked the kilt!

My photo with my camera had a bunch of glare, glad the one with your camera worked.

I was racking my brain all day for what breed of dogs those were. Thanks!

It was fun.