Saturday, December 8, 2012

Handgonne Raffle: Last 2 Days.

As you know,  the last stretch goal has been met now no matter what the winner of the Handgonne Drawing will get it all.

The 50 caliber handgonne  and a full kit including:
A supply of 50 call bullets, miscellaneous shot,  patches, lube and fuse, A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure, ans finally: a powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).

Currently we're at $350 in donations, which is amazing.  Again I'd like to thank Erin for organizing the care packages and drumming up support for this raffle whenever possible, Old NFO and JayG for running herd on all us cats,  Jennifer for keeping all the donations straight, and of course all of you who donated.

Contact if you have donated to both projects.

And to repeat: To get entered into this contest, go to Tam's place and donate. When you fill out your donation and forward the e-mail receipt you get to Jennifer at with the code  JACK  want in the subject line.

Context closes Monday!

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