Thursday, September 26, 2013

Open Carry: Casual vs Activist and Handgun vs Longgun.

An interesting discussion going on in the comments here.

Well if you ignore the "All OC bad trolling."

This bit from Chris from AK is very interesting.

And I'll give a taste on Sebastian's thoughtful reply.

I have no problem with OC as a tactic in the right circumstances, and I have no problem with people who casually open carry as part of their normal routine. The problem is that I think the circumstances where it’s beneficial as a tactic are much much more narrow than most people open carrying are willing to admit. A lot of the benefits you mention an come about from mere casual OC, and don’t require putting activism or organization behind it, or open carrying some place just to make a point, or to get attention.

As always if you're going to do an activity as a political activist one should have a goal as to what your activity will result in.

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