Friday, November 22, 2013

The key is to know how to improvise....

So I sent Erin a gift earlier this week.

And when I was wrapping it, I was unable to find my ribbon.

So I improvised.   I'm quite happy with how it came out and the reception it got.

How was it done?   Well there's two ways.   Both involve wrapping the paracord around a dowel/pencil/braid of cord.

The longer, but better way, is to wrap it, tighten, and then leave it be for a week or so.

The quicker is to wrap and then gently wave a lighter (or heat gun) over it to get it to set in position.


Home on the Range said...

OK, that is beyond cool! Loved what you put together for Erin (including the gift)

The Jack said...


I'm rather happy with how it all came together. I even found the gift because the spice shop I was going to wasn't open yet.