Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1911's outdated? They sure are.

I can't say there's much with what Hilton Yam,  says here about the 1911 being out of date and for a carry piece not really worth the trouble.  Via Bayou Renaissance Man.

And I say this as someone who at this very moment has a 1911 strapped to his hip.  And who uses one as a carry gun.  As guns they can be fiddly, they'd have more feeding issues and things that you have to tweak and adjust on them.

Especially when you compare them to a modern design. (Doesn't even have to be polymer or double stack. As a wear game I prefer metal frame, and single stack can oft fit in the hand better for me, not to mention the slimmer profile helps for carry).

Same goes for the 45acp too. I shoot 45acp.  I like to shoot it.  I have a variety of guns that shoot it. I even reload it.  But... with modern defensive ammunition a 9mm Para will get you there just as well, and give you greater capacity.

If I was starting off "clean sheet" on firearms.  I'd might go with something in  Kahr in 9mm.   Have one that'd be fullsize and one pocket.  They'd have interchangeable magazines too.

(Glocks don't "point" naturally to me.  I could fix that with practice but personal taste and all.   M&Ps shoot just fine for me, but I'm not too keen on all the little fiddly parts.  Nor all the stuff you have to do to get the triggers "right".)

But, if you really like a 1911 by all means carry it.  But like any other gun put enough rounds through it before hand that you're comfortable with its reliability and function.

That said, you'll have better odds with a more modern design being reliable out of the box.  Now as to how it fits in the hand... well ergonomics are a deeply personal.

Really, I'm surprised that this is actually news.  But the 1911 does have a long hold.

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