Monday, February 23, 2015

So, do the Gnomes of Zurich drink PBR?

So the ATF is lookin' to ban some common AR ammunition because -well- it might be considered pistol ammo and that means it could fall under an armor piercing ban.

And naturally some think this is all a conspiracy...  by the ammunition companies.  Tam has more on the stupidity.

The thing that gets me is the "Conspiracy Hipster" aspect. I mean heck, there's already a pretty basic conspiracy one can have with this: "The ATF/Admin hates gun owners and is playing bureaucrat games to punish gun owners because they failed to get gun control passed at the fed level these last few years."

But I suppose that theory is too "mainstream". I guess to properly social signal to your buddies you've gotta go to something else, something that'll show people that you're hip and know the*real* truth.

I'm reminded of the Italian word Dietrologia .

Defined in this exchange about the Monster of Florence

Dietrologia,” said Count Niccolo. “That is the only Italian word you
need to know to understand the Monster of Florence investigation.”
We were having our usual lunch at II Bordino. I was eating baccala, salt
cod, while the Count enjoyed stuffed arista. “Dietrologia?” I asked.
“Dietro—behind. Logia—the study of.” The count spoke grandly, as if still in the
lecture hall, his plummy English accent echoing in the cavelike interior
of the restaurant.  
“Dietrologia is the idea that the obvious thing cannot be the truth. There is always something hidden behind, dietro. It isn’t quite what you Americans call conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory implies theory, something uncertain, a possibility. The dietrologist deals only in fact. This is how it really is. Aside
from football, dietrologia is the national sport in Italy. Everyone is
an expert at what's really going on, even . . . how do you Americans say
it? . . . even if they don’t know jack -shite-{e}.”
“Why?” I asked.
"Because it gives them a feeling of importance! This importance may only be
confined to a small circle of idiotic friends, but at least they are in
the know. Potere, power, is that I know what you do not know.
Dietrologia is tied to the Italian mentality of power. You must appear
to be in the know about all things.”

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