Monday, April 20, 2015

Well.... Mr. A is certianly *not* ready for Hillary.

Totally umprompted and just dropped into quite conversation...  Mr A gives this link:

Yes yes, it's about yet another book on Hillary scandals and dark money.
And then after a  few minutes of no one paying attention... follows up with

it'd be awfully nice if that train jumped the tracks early, made space for someone who didn't vote to invade iraq

Well....  that's not... angry eliminationist rhetoric.  Wait... it is. But it's okay because he's got the right politics.  I'd make a joke about "that's sexist" but to be honest... Mr. A is pretty sexist.

And yes, I know he's talking metaphorically with her campaign as at rain and hoping that a sufficient scandal will get rid of her.  And not actually wishing harm to her.

What's funny is there hasn't been a defense of Hillary from anyone else, only a sneering at  writers of the book calling them "breitbart and townhall writers..."

Maybe Roger L Simon is right when he says: "None of my liberal friends like to talk politics anymore.  They have nothing to say and it’s obvious why."

Course... this doesn't mean they won't line up and vote for her.    Do note that Mr. A's primary ire is not Hillary's actions themselves just that she is a sub-optimal candidate in his view.

Oh.... and I really should do a post on Taurus, now that I'm starting to feel better gain.

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