Sunday, November 29, 2015

Anti Gun to Anti Free Speech

Here's something that I'm seeing as a broader trend.

If someone is anti-gun  eventually they will reveal themselves to be anti-free speech.

Especially if their rhetoric boils down to them not trusting the common person with firearms.

Doubly so if their lack of trust comes, at least in part, from not trusting themselves.
And why yes, this *is* a further point on "Edmund".

If you make the statement that you think "extremist rhetoric" is the root of all terrorism and strongly imply that every terrorist is an unwitting rube...

Well, that shows a rather scary view of how you think speech needs to be "controlled".

In Edmund's case sure there's the selective outrage where he only thinks "lies" and "extreme rhetoric"  are a problem when it goes against his politics, but that's bog standard.

No what's worrying is Edmund is one of those gun control advocates who admits the 2nd amendment would be a problem for implementing the gun control he'd really like,  but he sees it as being too hard to repeal,  and thus advocates for passing unconstitutional laws and pretending they're not unconstitutional.

And now he's making noises about free speech.

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