Friday, March 6, 2020

Gunshows didn't exist before the mid 90's?

In another false claim, Bloomberg went on during Monday's town hall
to say federal law doesn't apply to internet and gun show sales because
the internet and gun shows did not exist when the federal background
check law was passed in 1993. 
"Why? Because those two things came after the law that applies to gun stores was passed," Bloomberg said. "And what I tried to do is just to get every state, because the federal government doesn't seem to want to do it, to just check before they sell anybody a gun to make sure they are not in one of those categories where people really—I think most people would agree—should not have guns."


Or... it could be that Bloomberg has no idea what the basic federal laws are about a subject he has spend hundreds of of millions of dollars lobbying.

Or he knows the actual laws, but is happy to lie to get his way. Which is more comforting? It's lying. It's definitely lying.


Jesse in DC said...

I am 61. Went to gunshows on a regular basis with my old man when I was 4 or 5 right up until the old man died 6 years ago. I still go every chance I get. Gloomberg has no effing clue, because he has never attended a gunshow in his miserable life.

Jerry said...

Easily explained. Bloomberg is speaking to the ignorati; people who don't know anything about the subject but feel compelled to support in this case gun control. The month's panic buying of guns if nothing else educated people about the laws they supported for years.