Friday, May 15, 2020

Cracked: Bored with Gun Control?

Well....  maybe.

Take this rather expected article about "Everyday Stuff America Sucks at Compared to Everybody else"
There are a lot of not-great things about the great U.S. of A. But we're not talking about the big stuff like healthcare or gun control or deciding which handsy uncle gets to become the next de facto Emperor of Planet Earth.

That's an amusing opening.  Both for the two bugaboos that the writers just give up on, and for admitting that Biden is equivalent to Trump.

I mean...  not arguing here.

And the list itself is, pardon the pun, a pretty pedestrian bucket of gripes.

Couple this with that Cracked's only mention of their recent mass killing and sweeping (if... clumsy) gun control up in Canada.  Which was #9 our of 12, so near the very bottom

And there's no mention at all of the killing, just the ban, which even they admit has the whole 2 year amnesty...

And then today... no gun control mentioned... but they do use a picture of a senator they don't like holding a gun while calling him a "trash boy".

The article that also came out today,  see the previous post shows Cracked still has a hostility to gun owners, but for now they're not putting much effort into articulating it.

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