Friday, February 15, 2008

Another.... post?

Two posts in one day? Wow.
Here's a few more links that struck my fancy.

Michael Totten has another great report.
He has some interesting commentary on the war in Lebanon last year and some US politicians that are drawing the wrong lessons from that conflict.

Berkeley... where the young and old both move on to relive past glories. Full of hippies and trendy revolutionaries. Careful, some of the pictures reek of useful idiots and failed politics.

Both the Democrat candidates meet with Syrian officials? Hmm. 'Realism' in Syria

Rand Simberg an bit of a grumpy aerospace engineer. Talks about a candidate with a lot of hope... and not much else. I'd recommend reading some of his other stuff. The things he says about NASA are deppressing, and true.

Meanwhile Charles Krauthammer puts that campaign in more... religious terms. And here I was thinking the Paulians were the cult.

Even for a politician, Obama is a very eloquent person, but what does he have to offer other than a notion of hope and change? What's an actual platform? From his limited record he seems to be a fairly standard if rather liberal Democrat.

Speaking of record. John Weidner comments on a new "low-down dirty trick--campaigning on issues and facts!" It looks like some people don't like the idea of others telling the populace Obama's voting records and history. Guess they'd prefer if he could just keep softbaling speaches that are political inkblots.

In more fun news the US Navy has an excuse to "shoot down" a satellite. The main problem with ASAT warfare is that it creates lots of debris that are a major hazard to other orbiters.

Unlike China's test this satellite is nonfunctional and in a decaying orbit, and breaking it up into many little pieces is desired. It's already falling into the atmosphere so breaking it up will dramatically decrease the odds of any pieces making it to the ground (whole heating being a function of surface area).

Information can be found on the very informative Strategypage. The usual suspects of defense procurement news have also written about it too.

Great site for anyone in defense engineering, procurement, military history, counter terrorism developments. All that good stuff.

There's more news. Of course there is. But nothing else strikes me right now.
Hat tip to Glen Reynolds the Instapundit for pointing out the links.

Also from him... a new Indiana Jones movie?


So I'll end with a bit amount infinity.

The number of counting numbers {1,2,3...,n,...} is the same as the number of rational numbers {All n/m where n & m are any integer}.

You'd think one would be the subset of the other and indeed they are, but the definition of infinity is that when you take something away it's still the same size.

How do we show that they're the same size or cardinality? If one can establish an exact 1-to-1 correspondence. This link has the proofs in laymen's terms. Basically Cantor's Set theory should give you more to think about.

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