Friday, February 15, 2008

End through Winning?

On the anniversary or the Surge's start Gatewaypundit has information on the changing situation in Iraq.

" It goes without saying... There would be no party, parade or cake today if the Democrats had their way."
Go read it. What's linked in there is more informative than my rambling thoughts. Remember, if the Democrats got what they wanted, this would not be happening. That's important to consider.

Hmm... Iraq having violence go down to a very significant degree. Their parliament has passed three laws that are very critical to the political benchmarks.

If things hold out for the next few months, something that gets more and more likely with each passing day, and if a democrat is elected to the Whitehouse will they pull out? Will they appease their radical left in the face of reality? Are they that cynical to destroy a fledgling democracy that might get it's start just to appease their base, just because they hate an ineloquent Texan?

Which would be more important to them appeasing the ironically named "reality-based community" or not screwing things up worse than Bush ever did? Bush took a totalitarian state and made it into a mess of near civil war and then let someone competent take over and start to turn things around.

Speaking of cake the new president has a chance to have it and eat it too. If things go well enough they can end the war and do it in the amazing way by WINNING it. You know... having more democracy, more freedom, more rights for women. How... progressive.

A more stable Iraq would require less troops, and the US has a long history of basing troops for decades in territory long after the fighting: Cuba, Philippines, Japan, Germany, Korea, ect... ect.

Would the new president do this? That depends on what they care about more, and how the reality of the situation goes. The American populace doesn't like the War, but they hate loosing even more, especially when it looks like victory is closer now than ever before.

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