Thursday, January 22, 2009

His tendency to combine self-righteousness with lack of seriousness.

Two items to show the kind of Change our President is after.

First Guantanamo Bay

Today Barack Obama issued an entirely symbolic executive order, directing that the terrorist detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay be closed within one year. Gitmo, of course, was created in answer to the question, What are we going to do with captured terrorists? Now, with that facility slated for closure, the question arises once more.


So, in other words, Obama's order accomplishes nothing other than to kick the can down the road. The question of what to do with the terrorists will be "studied"--and, by the way, it's now a "very complex, very detailed question."

Second Obama and those Lobbyists.

Day One: Obama Bans Lobbyists from Serving in His Administration. Day Two: Obama Issues First Exemption from His Ban

I know all of Obama's promises will be broken... but the guy isn't even waiting a full day.

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