Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama's personal... men/troops/cult

Obama keeping a personal force?
Did anyone expect man that has always used his current positon as a springboard to his next position would have actually disassembled his campaign apperatus? Right now the idea seems to have them provide a form of NGO disaster releif.

Which begs the question... how much faith does Obama have in the competence of the govermant under his "Hope and Change" platform?

Guy Benson is a creeped out:
Has a president ever had an organized political relief squad, independent from the federal government? This strikes me as quite creepy. "Hi we're here to help...on behalf of Barack Obama....federal relief workers will be here shortly..."

To which Geraghty adds:
The proposal is now starting to sound like what happens when project meetings get out of control. "They'll help elect Democrats to Congress! And they'll pressure wavering lawmakers! And, hey, what if we promised they'll mobilize in natural disasters! And they could fight crime! And they'll have special uniforms!"

What do you think the media/left reaction would be if Bush or McCain were to try this?

I think the term "Brownshirt" would be used myself.

Ace's thoughts: Unacceptable. Obama is seeking to create a shadow bureaucracy answerable not to the taxpayer but only to himself.

More on Obama continuing to cultivate what can kindly be called a "cult of personality" after the election.

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