Thursday, April 7, 2011

It cannot be denied.

Richard Fernandez on the inevitability of reality.

The despotisms of the Middle East had total control over their media and yet now face widespread unrest. The driver of discontent was in nearly all cases, rising consumer prices. Goods are the one thing that cannot be conjured into existence by the dream-merchants and the ideologues. Huge rent-seeking industries and bureaucracies may have come up against the one enemy they cannot defeat: the drying up of their own means of sustenance. They are starving themselves from their depredations; they have eaten out the landscape. And now the small mammals, nearly forgotten and trodden underfoot, are pouring out of their burrows and may eventually end the reign of the dinosaurs.

Mean old reality. It's also interesting that the way the US gov measures inflation was changed to exclude food and fuel prices. Handy that.

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