Saturday, April 16, 2011


Beyond rhetoric and claims what really counts are results.
reality can only be staved off for so long. Which is why our budget is such a mess of doom.

Here's a couple examples from Wisconsin, Global Warming (aslo this), and even mixed martial arts.

Of course the President is also subject to this:

But as people begin leaving wait-and-see mode and entering evaluate-and-judge, are they going to keep thinking "Well, he's black, so I should studiously scour any and all negative thoughts from my mind, even though he's brought my family and my business little but misery for three years" or are they going to think, "Gee, maybe I shouldn't have voted for him last time just because he was black. Maybe this time I should ask about his actual accomplishments and qualifications, apart from his general resemblance to a mash-up of a Heroic Young Crusader played by Will Smith and a Gentle Older Sage played by Morgan Freeman."

Which is related to this earlier post:
In all objective aspects, about anything that can be quantified and measured, Obama's presidency is a failure. A miserable failure. And a failure producing more and more misery -- persistent, grinding unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, and soon the bite of inflation -- for more people than any other miserable failure since Jimmy Carter, and quite likely before him, too.

So what will the public make, in the end, of this charming young man who gave them such good feelings and confidence in 2008? Will they stick to that narrative, created largely by an in-the-tank media and a campaign which wisely refused to discuss qualifications and accomplishments in favor of feel-good Hollywood Happing Ending Machine uplift?

Though with Obama there's even more blatant evidence.

Michael Graham:
"I love getting lectured on how, as Americans, it’s our job to “take responsibility for ourselves and each other” by a guy whose half-brother lives in a shed in Kenya, and whose aunt is on the dole here in Boston."

Though for liberals making sure the dole is nice and fat is how they "take responsibility". Appropriate phrase that. The liberals are exceptionally generous... with other people's money... when taken at gunpoint.

But hey, it's not like it can keep going on forever.

It’s easy to remember these long-term forecasts by using a lot of 80s: in 2080, government spending is projected to be a little less than 80 percent of GDP, and accumulated debt is projected to be over 800 percent of GDP.

The one thing that I can state with some confidence about these specific forecasts is that they are wrong. In the real world, something — either more prudent management of our federal fiscal affairs, or else a painful and destabilizing crash — will intervene.

Uh... yay? Well, reality is a mean old bastard.

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