Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey Look a Cliff and everyone's jumping!

So Unc, JayG. Zercool, and Weer'd have shown off what's in their pockets'.

I figured I might as well join in.

My primary is a full government size 1911 (early TLE II Kimber so not too bad) carried in a DeSantis OWB. Two spare magainzes are on my opposite hip. My backup is a PM45 in pocket carry. DeSantis

In situations where I can't carry my full-size I sometimes carry a 4 inch barrel aluminum frame 1911. That's often a lawn mowing and gardening gun, but more and more I just use the fullsize.

If I can't have something draped over my waist I just carry the Kahr.

And last is my LCP. That's often a jogging or shorts gun. It's when I can't carry anything bigger.

Edit: Thanks for the Chance-lance. If anyone wonders why I have that defensive Kimber aside well look here.


Weer'd Beard said...

Very nice setup. Also I really dig the looks of that DeSantis High-Rise.

I'm also thinking I need to get one of those SuperFly pocket rigs for my Kahr. Can you get a good firing grip before you draw with the print shield in place? Also what kind of pants do you carry it in?

The Jack said...

The High-Rise is very nice. Good for multiple sizes, nice retention, and quick release.

I had to do a couple mods to it.
(See the welts around the trigger guard and in front of the backstrap).

But those were because I have a flat trigger on mine and wanted to stiffen up the backstrap.

Aside from that I really like that holster.

And thanks for pointing out those DeSantis pocket rigs. They stay upright no matter what.

Yes you can get a good grip with the shield in place. You just have to slip your fingers behind the shield.

The shield is totally removable if it becomes a problem. I like it because it helps break up the printing a bit more so I looks like I'm carrying a big wallet. Also since I'm a lefty it helps shield the magazine release.

When in my previous holster for that gun I had problems where the mag release would trip. The big reason I switched holsters.

I wear plain Puritan slacks and Wrangler jeans. Seems to work.