Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winning? Part: Bloomberg Business Week

Here's their "Open Carry" Gun Owner's Starter Kit

And they actually hit all the right notes: gun, holster, belt, defensive ammunition, spare magazines, and as an extra voice and video recording.

Of note they talk about carrying 17 round magazines, without any snark or talking down of "high capacity magazines", or "no one would need that many bullets". Instead those 17 rounds are just the normal capacity of the Glock in question.

There's also no snide commentary on hollow points, instead letting it stand that "they expand into the first thing they strike—whether it’s a bad guy or a wall. It provides greater safety. And it helps stop the threat more quickly.”

The article itself is actually a good little primer on what you want in a holster, belt, and the like. Interesting progress.

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