Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ATTN PA, Cali, and Other Gunnies.

So OFA is planning a bunch of rallies in Pennsylvanian.  Both to get more Reps to sign onto their gun control agenda AND to hassle those that have already taken a bite of the gun control apple.

Bitter has more, plus info on other locations the gun grabbers will be going.

And as for California... well the Antis have dropped their mask. After being confronted with the "Well what IS an Assault Weapon anyway?" They've decided to just ban all semi-auto rifles.

That Ruger 10/22 you have?  It don't matter what kind of stock you have, it's now totally banned.  Oh and they'll create an ammunition registry and background checks to by ammo.

Common sense!   Sebastian also muses on how post-Heller  the antis aren't going after pistols (remember when they wanted to ban all handguns?) but now they're going to try to ban rifles.

Ponder that, a handgun would be legal in Cali... but if you had the exact same gun but with a fixed stock and a 20 inch barrel it would suddenly be illegal.     Yeah.

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