Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Hi, I'm a blogger!".

That's what people may be saying in a couple hundred years at the future equivalent of Renaissance Fests.

Or as Brigid recounts on her blogmeet post:

And finally,  what people would wear, if a hundred years from now folks went to some futuristic version of a Renaissance Fest type activity and the attendees were dressed up like us. (Picture it, someone in the future finds all the really awful tactical gear you somehow got and didn't use and will wear it because it LOOKS authentic.)
Future attendee:  "What are you?"
The Jack - "Hi, I'm a blogger!".

Why yes. I did quote myself, in a report on a blogmeet that I attended...  on Sunday.

Roberta also wrote a good post on it.

And now I may lay down.  It's too hot.

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