Monday, January 20, 2014

Echo Sling and Swiss K31 and Windchime

A while ago I learned about the Swiss K31 straight pull. Now as a southpaw I got a thing for oddball bolt action guns. And then, a couple months back, I learned that Aim Surplus had some in stock.   The were out of the pre-war walnut stocks at the time, but I was happy to get a post-war beechwood  one.

At around the same time  Erin was runninJennifer's Evict Lyme raffle.  And one of the items were a couple Echo Slings made by Matt Rogers.

Now I managed to clean up pretty well when it came to getting prizesOne of other things that came was a custom wind chime made by Mark White of Rimfire Designs.  Sounds great and yes that is Joe on the windcatcher.


But back to the K31.   So I had that coming, and it didn't have a sling.   Amazingly I did win a sling!

First a couple things.  I'm rather tall and broad in the shoulder.   This means often a sling can be too short for me.  I also shoot left handed and most long guns have their furniture on the wrong side, which eats up more distance and can make things awkward.

So I'm used to kludging things out.

But the real nice part about these slings?  Plenty of material to work with, easy setup and very sturdy material.

I've had very good experience shooting with it and can't recommend them enough.

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