Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not all Kahrs are the same.

So I was at the Indy 1500 early this Sunday (as part of a very busy, and strange day).

And I was able to spot something I had been looking for for along time.

It's the one on the right.

See my father was impressed with my PM45, and he had a P45 but he found that was a bit big. Amusingly the table I found it at was run by the same brick and mortar gun shop that I bought my PM45 at.  It's another one with night sights and since this one was used and got on gun-show Sunday I got a good deal on it.

I put it through its paces and am now getting ready to have my FFL ship it to my father's FFL down in Memphis.  It's a belated Christmas gift, or maybe an early birthday.

Then I noticed something.   Despite being the same model guns are not actually identical.

Again new one on the right
See that, the slide is just a hair shorter.

That same difference can be seen on the barrels too.

3-1/8" barrel on the left.  3" barrel on the right.

There's also a slight difference in the recoil spring size, some engraving on the side of the shorter barrel identifying the caliber that isn't on the longer barrel, and some slight changes on the side plate of the receiver.

Still,  there doesn't feel to be much difference between that extra eight of an inch.

Edit:  Checking the serial numbers I think the smaller one is older.  And might even be a first generation.  Or a "series A" variant.

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