Sunday, June 14, 2015

At Least Carter was a USN submariners... or why is there no USS Leo Ryan?

In a bit of recursion I'll quote Tam who later on quotes me:

There's no USS Larry McDonald, but there's a USS Gabby Giffords? Dammit, stop the bus right here. I want off.

I mean, Larry McDonald* was actually murdered by a foreign nation's armed forces. And he was a Democrat, too, so what's the hangup?

The Jack pointed out that if being a shot congresscritter is enough to get a warship named after you, why is there no USS Leo Ryan*? He was a victim of Gun Violence and Religious Extremism! 

And heck if you look at Leo's CV he's also a Democrat and had done a lot of impressive stuff in his life.  And his social views would be a bit more... paletable to the Party than McDonald's

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