Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cracked: City Living Turns you Liberal

Today they have 6 Big Differences That Turn City Dwellers Into Liberals
Or alternatively  6-ways-big-cities-turn-you-liberal-converts-perspective

Just... guess what number 1 is.
(That I'm writing this post should be a large hint).

Now, some the points are largely true... some are due to just having more people together requires more organization,  others are more artifacts of how urban people see themselves even to "outsourcing" compassion.

#6. Traffic Is A Nightmare
#5. Sick, Desperate People Ask You For Help Every Day
#4. Around A Quarter Of Your Neighbors, Coworkers, And Friends Are Probably Immigrants
#3. Minimum Wage Is A Ticket To Homelessness
#2. The Impact Of Good Government Is Easier To See

Of course number one is gun control

Take the rural perspective in the article itself;  Guns are used for practical reasons like food gathering, pest control, self defense until the cops show up, or plinking fun.   And gun control seems to by and large be because the goverment "they have something shady up their sleeve".  The most negative of the article is some "southern stereotyping" and normalizing drinking and plinking.

Now note:  This is the same Cracked that has been skeptical of police powers and highlighted how easy it is to abuse them many times in the past, has made a cottage industry of writing genuine articles about the villainy of the US goverment against the poor and oppressed.  And is currently talking about the dangers of Trump.

So keep that in mind when the article goes to the urban perspective:  Guns are for criminals killing people.  And the only time city folk see guns is when bad stuff is gonna happen.

Here's the funny part, it's those very gun control laws that have tried to directly or indirectly ban gun ownership in said areas.  DC and Chicago had complete handgun bans.  Many cities did everything they could to get rid of run ranges, and through May Issue made it so that common people couldn't legally carry guns.

All things to make it so that the only guns a normal person saw... were in the hands of a criminal.
How...  convenient.  (Well guns are also in the hands of the cops, the rich, and the connected. Which Cracked has also railed against)

And I'll just put in the whole ending paragraph:

So when the topic of gun control comes up, you start thinking maybe guys who've been in prison plotting revenge for the last five years shouldn't be able to buy a semi-automatic online their first day out of the big house. You had to take driver's ed in high school and pass a driving test -- maybe it's not so crazy to make people do the same thing before they can own a gun. If absolutely nothing else, at least they'd learn not to hold it sideways so they'd hit their target instead of innocent bystanders. Once you get on board with any kind of gun control, you're pretty much a card-carrying liberal.

At least the rural folks in this article aren't stereotyped as being ignorant scolds.  Yes that is a link to The Trace.  Yes it is freaking out over the non existent Online Loophole.   The article also omits that gun control advocates (including Cracked itself)  don't simply want those "loopholes" closed.

And that they don't object to any existing gun control laws, no matter how racist in origin or practice.
(If Voter ID is racist then how about letting NYPD, that paragon of race relations, decide who can and cannot get a pistol permit?)

And yes a publication that most recently freaked out about gun training (even the limited if you see a gun run and call an authority figure) is now presenting training as "common sense"

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