Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cracked: Gun Control's Massively Racist History.

Wow  this is acutally a really good article that points out the whole racist history of gun control with plenty of examples:  The Mulford Act, Slavery, how Gun Control was used by the state to go after minorities, and that Gun Control was selectively enforced just to punish people the state didn't like

I mean when this is in the opening section: 

For starters, much of America's gun control today was precisely informed in response to Black activists arming themselves against white supremacists, like ...

Now it does get a bit... well part of what it says about the NRA's history and dumpsterfire is correct but the way it ends...

It wasn't until 1971 when the feds raided Kenyon Ballew, a lifelong NRA member, on suspicion of hoarding a bunch of illegal guns and shot him, making him paralyzed for life, that the NRA finally decided that this whole "let the government take our guns'' thing maybe wasn't in their best interests after all. Shocker. The proceeding outrage led to a striking change in the group's attitude, helping form the modern "gubbermint tyranny!" NRA that you see to this day.

The funny thing is, the Black Panthers basically said the same thing about needing guns to protect from government brutality, which the NRA cribbed completely, pretending that they had always been pro-gun rights. Seems like the second amendment only matters for white people.

And then the article goes on about how goverment tyranny and gun bans aren't... paranoia.  They are things that have happened.

Now... what keeps current gun control laws from being racist?

Cracked has pointed out numerous times issues with law enforcement in the US.  And we've seen how relatively recent Gun Control policies like "stop and frisk" are basically "walking while black."

Or what about May Issue Laws,  where for a citizen to get a gun permit they have to convince the Police that they have a justifiable need?  Does anyone see how that might be abused for racial ends?

Or what of an  expensive registration plan where say someone has to pay 200 dollars per Assault Weapon to have them registered with the government?  That puts a class basis right in there where guns are priced out of poor people's hands.

Also ironic that this article drops right as Biden is inaugurated.

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