Friday, January 8, 2021

Cracked: Look to the Wisdom of Tick Tock Teens

 So.... in a violent riot on the Nation's Capit0l where the only person shot was a rioter so by a cop...   And no one else who died got shot... Cracked had to find a way to make it about gun control.

And boy did they.   They went to the Students Demand Action style well by trying to get the Congress folks to think of their fear and how it would be for students.  Of course the difference is Congress had armed security that drove off the rioters, in one case with lethal force.

With their help, they can build a nation where no student, teacher or Congressperson ever experiences this horror again. 

Note the universality. How in a country of 300 million people, and 100 million guns could even the most draconian law ensure that?

Do you want the police, you know the folks Cracked has been rightly pointing out their abuses to have even more power?

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