Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Need's got nothing to do with it: AR45 Pistol

Over the summer I've been working on an 45 acp AR style pistol build.

Silly yes, but I wanted to try it.

Should have had another weapon to give scale

GG Magazines are long but give 30 rounds

Nine inch barrel. Uses grease gun magazines. EOTech 512 sight; Amazon had a sale and was the best price. Guts are just a Spike's parts kit.

The receiver was CNC Gunsmithing
The upper was made by Ron Williams of RMW Xtreme

I had very good experience with both on the built. Ron can do a several calibers to your specification. Ron's uppers use a normal buffer assembly and with a pistol caliber there is basically no recoil.

So far it's been reliable (only 300 rounds through it though), and very accurate (only to 25 yards). The pad over the buffer tube makes a very good cheek weld and holding the magazine has it be quite stable.

Lessons learned:

AR Pistols are absurd, but can still be fun if you use a pistol caliber and have a big spring to take in the recoil. It makes a very compact and surprisingly easy to handle weapon. Very fun to use at the range.

Being a custom build (my serial number is in the low 3 digits) this is not recommended unless you really want an AR45 pistol. And there are probably cheaper alternatives.

Also when installing the Pivot Pin Assembly spring for the installation tool. Otherwise you may have the retaining pin permanently bound in the receiver and will have to make your own retention device using an R-clip and castellated nut. *coughs*


Weer'd Beard said...

All it needs now is a suppressor, an M4 stock and an auto-sear!

The Jack said...

Well, I did plan this as something I could "grow".

You know whenever I get the urge to fill out a mess of paperwork and throw even more money into the gun.

Barrel is threaded, and a stock would make it handle better. But I may go with the suppressor first.

Fun switch would be fun, but pricey.