Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why in my day robotic-party flacks knew how to answer softball questions.

So the new memme being pushed is "Texas is stupid, LOL."

And Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former head of Chicago Public Schools, dutifully goes out to bash Texas. However, he didn't do some very, very basic legwork.

Like knowing how well Chicago preforms relative to Texas. Smooth.

So it’s clear that not only does Duncan not know that Texas performs at the national average (whether or not one finds the national average acceptable), Duncan is apparently unaware that the school system he led is significantly worse than the national average.  Let’s not forget that while Perry, as governor, has responsibility for the performance of the state government that has some responsibilities for school systems, Duncan was running the actual school system in Chicago. Despite this, and despite picking this fight himself, Duncan is entirely ignorant of the results of his own work and its comparison to Texas.

Also at the link is a comparison of per student funding. Turns out it's about the same.

Well of course, not enough money's been thrown at education.

Those mean old republicans and other greedy skinflints have slashed education so much that the US is...


Second. The US is second. The only nation on the planet that spends more per ca pita is Norway.

There's the multiplier effect for you. It's a good thing government has taken care of that critical sector and streamlined it into an efficient and effective means of indoctrination education.

Clearly the solution is more spending.

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