Tuesday, August 9, 2011

San Fran Feminists: Cake is for Eating and Having.

Zombie looks at the confusing inconsitencies and Trojan Horse nature of the "Slut Walks"

Coming out of Canada some feminists have taken the radical stance that rape is wrong. Yeah... way to pick something that's controversial.

But that leads me to The Second Thing You Need to Know: This tilting at imaginary windmills is intentional. The goal is to protest an evil that is universally hated. That way, if anybody dares to disagree with you or even raise a minor quibble, you can shoot back, “What? Are you FOR rape? Do you think we SHOULD blame victims? You’re part of the problem!” As a result of this stance, your cause becomes above reproach, immune from criticism.

THEN… (did you really think the strategy stopped there? Tsk tsk tsk) once you’ve assumed this mantle of moral perfection, you can start heaping all sorts of ancillary ultimatums and issues onto your list of demands, and no one is allowed to resist or complain, lest you once again neutralize them with “Blaming the victim again, are we? Pig!

So while the base goal should be universal and complimentary the whole "Slut Walk" gets... muddled when you look at the details and the greater points:

I’m a slut / Don’t call me a slut!
Look at me / Don’t you dare look at me!
Looksism is unfair and patriarchal / See how gorgeous we are?
Let’s stop rape / Cops are the enemy
Casual consensual sex is fun / Men are evil
Sexual exploitation of women is bad / Let’s glorify prostitution

If you think that's a confused soup of feel-good Leftist Sugar Politics. Well, yeah. the libertine streak of the California Dems is strong, as long as you fit the overall political mold.

And that's not even counting how "the socialists and the communists glommed on to the protest venue, since they take every opportunity to parasitically leech off every single political event. The Marxists displayed their wares right behind the speakers’ microphone. And the SlutWalk organizers gave them permission to do this. A perfect fit."

Marxist booths always make me chuckle. Gotta earn that green to fight for the Red.

And talk about mistageting:

I mentioned above that we’ll get back to the topic of the Middle East. Now, read the sign above. Replace “Christian Fascists” with “Arab culture” and we’re starting to get somewhere. You know what would really be brave? Holding a SlutWalk in, say, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You know what’s a waste of time? Holding a SlutWalk in San Francisco. Because nobody blames victims here, but in other parts of the world, they actually do. It goes even far beyond that: Much of repressive Islamic culture revolves around and is based on suppressing and punishing women’s sexuality. They don’t just “blame the victim” in the Middle East; they kill the victim.

But it's easy and fun to blame the Christians. Note the protests where international solidarity is absent.

Meanwhile Zombie is revealing in this passage.

ALL decent men, regardless of political persuasion, despise rape. And I would argue that we “conservatives” (as you characterize people like me) actually hate rape more than the feminists do.

SlutWalk organizers want to “publicly shame” rapists. Really? That’s all?

I want to execute rapists.

SlutWalk organizers want victims to jab rapists in the eye. Is that so?

I want victims to shoot rapists in the eye.

Am I making myself clear?

How naive do you have to be to think public shaming is a meaningful punishment against a person that has raped another human being. Spending some time in the pillory is a fair way to deter some crimes, but it really doesn't work against the big ones like murder or rape.

And yeah, people do try to classify Zombie as a conservative, simply by not following the full Leftist line. Well they'll do the same for Glen Reynolds, Roger L Simon, or Roberta X.

You would think that Firearms would be an uber-feminist thing. Firearms are devices that can put a woman on equal footing with a man in spite of differences in physical strength, and size. It doesn't matter how much bigger or stronger the rapists is if the woman is armed.

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