Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bill Nye forgets that other people can do science too.

So Bill Nye is on AlGore's special TV channel hawking the latest batch of snake oil. He has a smooth and so very pretty "experiment" that proves C02 gets hotter under sunlight than air.

There's just one problem... the thermometers shown are not actually in the jars and are digitally manipulated from the same source image. Oppsie! What's a little falsified data when there's a message to get out?

But worse, he makes a the mistake of saying this: "You can replicate this effect yourself in a simple lab experiment, here’s how."

Don't say that 'cause someone will take up your challenge.

I think that shows "Climate Change" in a nutshell. Glitzy, fear-mongering media productions masquerading as science that fall apart whenever someone tries to replicate their claims experimentally.

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