Monday, October 10, 2011

Like a bitter cartoonist reciting faux-edgy talking points.

Scenes from a Multiverse is a webcomic that frames its jokes from a variety of science fiction tropes and locals.

And today they had this little gem.

Pretty funny, it's about the absurdness of self-denial. Though monastic life (Eastern and Western) is built on those very ideas. The bit comes on the mouseover alt-text of the comic.

hruthangians love their hair like tea partiers love their racism

Haha. Odd that Herman Cain has rather short hair, no?

My point's less on the banal attempt to say something offensive (or worse the cartoonist actually believes this pap. Because the Right so loved Clinton and Carter).

But I was reminded of the comic when Glend Reynolds quipped this today:

I’m sure this is because of Racism, Somehow: New Poll Shows Obama Losing to Herman Cain.

And speaking of Tea Party evils. Well, just go here and here and here.

And Richard Fernandez has some thoughts about the homogeneity of crowds and the problems of "useful idiots"

One of the creepiest things about the Occupy Atlanta video is the manner in which the crowd appears to act as a single organism, repeating word for word, like students in an elementary school literacy class, the sentences intoned by men holding the megaphones. The participants appear to think this behavior is not only entirely natural, but laudable. One wonders whether any of them are aware how much this resembles the eerie scream of the Pod People as shown in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and if they were aware, whether they had any residual consciousness outside the group to worry about it.

He also touches on the idea that there are people who do not want liberty, people who want "security" and the freedom from responsibility and decisions.

Though the problem is not those people per say, but those that want others to fall into the same morass.

But hey, what's wrong with mindlessly repeating the idea that being critical of Dear Leader is racist. Well, maybe these guys won't end up like the Red Guards.

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