Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Competence is not always a net positive.

One advantage of letting an idea percolate is that someone else might write up a similar post first, and do it more concisely.

Here's Weer'd's views on Mitt Romney. If he gets the nomination the election will be between Obama and a more-competent, more-popular, more-bipartisan enabling Obama-lite (who got his own tax hikes, AWB, and individual mandate). Yay....

Sure, the nation won't be run by a bunch of uncountable bong-soaked grad-students. No, we'd get someone who will be far more competent and perhaps slightly less damaging. Weer'd has more to say, having actually lived under Mitt's governorship.

At least in the national election we'd still have the option of voting Wookie.

Here in Indy the mayoral election doesn't even have that option.


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