Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dumb Gun laws know no Borders.

So up in Canada the RMCP has decided to spend what is potentially the last days of their long gun registry by ramping up the spite.

And going after those eeeevilll "AK-Variants". And by Variants I mean 22 caliber long rifle plinkers styled after an AK47.

A gun registry being abused by petty bureaucrats to enact confiscation? Say it ain't so!

By changing classifications now, the RCMP will retain records of these owners even after the long-gun-registry data is destroyed.

Friedman says activist bureaucrats at the Canadian Firearms Program are using what little time remains to move more firearms into the restricted and prohibited categories.

"Remember, once the gun registry is eliminated, the RCMP will lose their ability to identify, target and harass law-abiding owners on non-restricted firearms," he said. "They only took notice of (the AP80) when the gun registry is in its death throes."

Spite. If you give agents of the state a power they WILL abuse it.

And showing how dumb such regs are. The VZ 58 is not Restricted.

Yeah it's not considered an AK variant! Yes, that is true. As the VZ58 has a different action mechanism and is made in a different country.

But functionally it fires a 7.62 by 39. Same caliber as the AK47, which puts it a lot closer to the Ak47 than the 22lr AP80 which the RCMP has seen fit to ban.

Oh and for some irony look at this on Armi Jager (the AM80's mfg) wiki page

The gun manufacturer was active since the early 1960s, manufacturing semi-automatic rimfire sporting rifles and replica "Western" revolvers. Later it evolved to rimfire and small-caliber centerfire (.32 ACP) firearms patterned after the look of military rifles which at the time were difficult or illegal to own for civilians in Italy.

Of course the Canadian government said nuts to that and decided to ban 'em anyway.

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