Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sides and their difference.

You can tell alot by how someone reacts to criticism.

CargoSquid looks at the claim that the pro-gun "candle and gun" vigils were mocking victims.

And he does it via evidence. Going over a dozen posts and more comments he finds... nothing.

Wow. All that posting. Not a single attack against victims or gun control activists. Not even a harsh word. Or snark. Which, if you are familiar with gun bloggers is a freaking miracle.

Let's see.....Maybe its hidden in Weer'd comments...

Nope. Just more links to more memorials. And links to the CSGV on Facebook to show the reactions of the gun control fanatics. THE OVERWHELMING CONSISTENT THREAD IS THE TOTAL LACK OF ANY MENTION OF YOU. You appear to be upset because we ignored you, mostly, and joined "your" vigil, and did it our way.

Joan Peterson...without proof, without evidence, you slander good people. And yet you call us shameless? You have the outright, shameless, unmitigated, GALL to insult people that actually JOINED you in honoring victims of violence BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO IT IN YOUR APPROVED MANNER?

There you have it. Joan was angry that people had the gall to take her idea, do it their way, and then not mention her. It would make sense that she would decry people honoring victims in the wrong way. She certainly decrys the wrong type of victim.

Lingore also looks on another difference.
Joan (gun controler): No comments will be published from pro gun activists on this post.
Jenniver (gun rights activist): I know you won’t publish this. That’s fine. It’s your space. But I give you my word that I won’t censor you on my blog. And I do plan to publish my comment on my blog. Probably repeatedly.

What I find interesting is how much the candle and gun thing touched a nerve. And it didn't come from high in the "Gun Lobby", it was something that Weerd thought would be neat to do.

Meanwhile high up people in the Gun Control lobby have decided to make this one of their key fights.

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Linoge said...

You are right... they certainly did pick a strange metaphorical hill upon which to figuratively die - I certainly cannot claim to understand it.

In any case, thanks for the linkage!