Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quote of the Day: Weerd Beard

It's a long one (and part of a larger post), but real good.

One of the most compelling reason to buy a gun myself was when I realized that guns save far more lives than they take. I’m Glad Joan is not only linking me, but quoting me on her blog which previously would never acknowledge such events. Defensive gun uses are generally the elephant in the room for the Anti-Rights types, as in an argument where pro-gun people can only frame their gun ownership in terms of sport and collecting, that argument will ALWAYS lose, as no matter what as the negatives will be the abuses of guns in society, and the positives will be fun-and-games. No rational person will chose the gun. But if you frame guns as a tool to protect innocent lives and resist tyranny, and cite the number of lives SAVED by personal firearms EVERYDAY, and compare that with the innocent lives harmed by them, well there is no contest.

Thank you Weerd. On Thursday I was trying to explain how important self defense was for Gun Rights. But you've said it much better and much more succinctly.

Go read the rest of Weerd's post and see what we're up against. And how they lie and want to render people helpless, tell them it's for their own good, and then profit politically when the people they've disarmed are subsequently victimized.


Weer'd Beard said...

Yep, as soon as we only frame gun ownership in a "Sporting Purposes" test, we've lost, because guns indeed are dangerous. We not only have people killed and injured during the sports, but we have people abusing guns and harming and committing crimes.

To weigh those things against the fun of hunting and sport shooting is simply selfish and foolish, and if that's the case there is no reason to NO ban guns.

As soon as we add self-defense and the protection from tyranny, suddenly the argument changes greatly.

The protection from Tyranny is hard because most tyrants ban guns, so the lawfully armed citizen defending from oppression can be nebulous, but it exists and can be seen. Libya being the most recent example.

But now Self defense, not only is that quantified in the law, but law enforcement keeps track of most of them (but not all).

They also keep track of the dead bodies that show up with bullet holes, as well as the live bodies that show up with GSW at hospitals.

The "gun Death" numbers are traditionally around 30,000 per year, with about 17k of those suicides, and there are about 70,000 people who get shot and survive.

Meanwhile the quantified Defensive gun use police reports show about 100,000 people every year get a police report filed for their defensive gun use...studies have pointed that only about 1 in ten DGUs ever get papered.

With that on the table, well the argument for owning defensive firearms becomes VERY compelling.

The Jack said...

Which is why the Anti's will pull out the "We support hunters and sportsmen" card.

Self defense also turns gun ownership from a potentially dangerous hobby but a viable way of defending oneself regardless of relative physical states.

It becomes a tool of reducing crime and self protection.

And that gets to the whole "wrong type of victim" thing.