Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buy War Bonds... Or Else.

uAce looks into government actions of the past and wonders why things have gotten... easier.

Those claiming ObamaCare is constitutional claim that health care is so important that it springs into life a new power, never before utilized by Congress in the past, or, alternately, a power Congress has always had, but hasn't used before, because it has not come across a situation of such importance that it felt justified the use of the always-available but never-used power.

Well, my answer to that is Hitler's Nazi Invasion of the World. It seems to me that defeating Hitler was also a very important goal -- one might say it was almost as important as ObamaCare, even! -- and yet Congress did not use this allegedly always-available power then.

If this power always existed, why did they forget to use it? Why did they simply encourage people to buy war bonds rather than mandating that they did?

This was also at the height of the New Deal so price controls and wartime industiral mandates, in addition to the mass draft.

But you see... Obamacare is different.

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