Thursday, March 10, 2011


Bryan Preston has them.

Remember when ObamaCare passed, and Tea Partiers went nuts, stormed the hill, took over the building and handcuffed themselves inside? Yeah, me neither, because the Tea Partiers are civilized and didn’t do any of that. Wisconsin’s leftist union thugs, not so much.

Different standards. Though long term...

The real danger coming from Madison.

It's now about whether we are to have an orderly democracy or legislative and executive anarchy, whether elections can be delegitimized and even overturned by the daily plebiscites of the polls, by the flouting of sacred oaths of office and by the trampling on the laws of the state.

It must stop. As President Obama liked to remind the GOP during the first two years of his administration, elections have consequences. From the Republican point of view, there was plenty not to like about Obama's program, including the stimulus and the health-care bill, but
they voted anyway and took their lumps like grownups.

What the Democrats are doing in Wisconsin is more than just a disgrace. It's a danger to our republican form of government, a formula for permanent, no-holds-barred combat long after the polls have closed and the people have spoken.
Vai Insty

Who adds:
As I said before, they’re setting precedents here, but they’re as myopic politically as they are fiscally.

UPDATE: Dana Loesch on Facebook: “Right now heads collectively exploding in newsrooms across the country as media grapples with the fact that the mostly-white crowd in Madison breaking things isn’t the tea party.”

Althouse looks at the mob earlier today.
"This is what democracy looks like" — that's the chant we've heard for 3 weeks. How do you like this new democracy, that has a mob storming the Capitol and, with the aid of the minority party, blocking the access of the majority party into their offices and into the legislative chamber? It looks more like anarchy to me.

From a comment at Althouse's:

I want to know...

Only six weeks or so ago, we were discussing how the presence of one nasty sign completely disqualified the Tea Party from participation in the political process.

Why isn't this same standard applied to these bastards?

And speaking of the New Civility.  Such classy, sensitive folks.

Ramming speed?
It’s a Stage Five political cliche to say of your opponents that they “rammed through” a piece of legislation. But in this case it’s especially stupid. “Ramming” implies resistence, like a running back taking the ball up the gut and into a defensive line. But you can’t ram it through a defense that’s not even in the stadium. If anything, the Republicans floated the bill through. Positively waltzed it.

Facts don't matter to these folks.

And Passed.
Once Walker signs in the suits can start.  Because it's not over.  Not by a long shot.

Added: Want to know what Obama thinks?

Here's a taste from Allahpundit: "After three weeks of death threats and mob intimidation, we need some sort of perfect ironic closure. Bingo."

To repeat a point made earlier today, Wisconsin public employees still have more collective bargaining rights than federal employees under Obama do, notwithstanding the fact that Democrats recently had control of both chambers of Congress and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. If scaling back CB on the benefits side for PEUs makes Walker guilty of assault, what’s Obama guilty of by not moving more forcefully on bargaining rights for federal workers? Criminally negligent homicide?
And fore more irony look to the cause that Obama can get behind and make a dramatic stand on: School Bullying.


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