Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special Laws for Special People

Via Sebastian there's an interesting bit on Germany's gun laws.

It's basically divided into Sport, Hunting, and Collecting. It's full of horrendous legal hoops (the hunting exams are prohibitively expensive and complicated, reporting rules are grueling, and there's may issue style stabling blocks everywhere).

And then there's this bit:

In general, a legal gun owner may not receive a Concealed Carry (CC) permit. The government only grants a CC is to people in serious danger of bodily harm of kidnapping, regardless of their status as hunters, sport shooters, collectors or none of the above. Needless to say, politicians at state level are automaticly allowed a CC permit.

Yes, needless to say, politicians are special.

Sounds familiar though?

A California state Senate committee will consider a
bill next week that grants legislators permission to carry concealed firearms. The measure highlights the growing rift between the bureaucratic class and taxpayers who don’t have the luxury of exempting themselves from bad laws.

Special laws for special people.
Via Jay G in another state that's ruled by oh so special pols.

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