Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya, Obama, and the Rubes.

Let's start with Tam:

Do you know what this is? This is the Last Hurrah of the Vietnam-protesting Baby Boomers. Those poor gray-haired bastards pulled their dusty love beads and tie-dyed banners out of the closet for one last charge into the breach to get Barack Obama elected and here we are, not three years later, lobbing cruise missiles at wogs. If irony had calories, I wouldn't need solid food for the next three months...


"But... but... he told us he was different. That when he promised us everything that he really meant it!"

And Frank J. is back with a new In My World on the same subject.

“Would you like me to repeat everything I just said about March Madness?” [Obama asked]

“No; the question is about Libya.” [the reporter said.]

“Oh, well there is not really much to say about that. Qdaffy is a terrible dictator, so we’re going to use military force to take him out.”

“And do you see any hypocrisy after all your opposition to the war in Iraq?”

Obama looked confused. “I didn’t think anyone took that seriously.”

“It was kind of a big deal,” the reporter said. “People criticized Bush endlessly for years and quite vehemently. It was your party’s — and your own — main objection to him. There were huge protests constantly. He was called one of the worst president’s ever because of it, and some on the left even called him a war criminal.”

“Oh. I think I see the confusion.” Obama nodded. “Let me explain it this way: I’m a left-winger, so pretty much everything out of my mouth is just partisan nonsense.”

And it just gets better.

That's at least one upside to things going off the rails. The wailing of many of the rubes that acutally trusted the gommers they put in charge.

"But but... things would work this time."

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