Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Proxies and clean gloves

Via Joe Huffman, a handy quote.

The first thing I ask “peaceniks” who advocate gun control: Are you planning on voting to send armed government officials out as your agents to seize guns and kill those who refuse to comply?

How can you be in favor of ‘peace” and send out armed thugs to do your political will?

You are not a pacifist. You are merely squeamish, and want someone else to murder others for you.

Kristopher August 29, 2011

The nice old lady that says "nobody but police needs guns dear," wants to weild those same police against you. She's not anti-gun, anti-voilence, anti-force; she's simply against you having any of that.

Agents of the state, well they're just fine.

Speaking of agents of the state... now that the Libyan revolt is winding down it's time to bring back the gun control.

Yes, because it's not like arms in the hands of the general public could accomplish anything eh?

Look, you just lived under a crazed dictator and his cronies for 40 years, Libya. You know WHY it took 40 years to get rid of him and his depravations on the people? Think on this... Maybe keeping the 20mm cannon in the back yard may be more hassle than it is worth, but a rifle is a way to make any wannabe-Quadaffies from getting ideas. Maybe you Libyan should look at our Constitution again.

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