Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winning? (Part Whatever)

You know there's something going on when NBC of all places has an positive article about a book on Woman and Guns that touches on the millions (15+) of female gun owners in the US. And not just cops and fudds: sport shooting, collecting, and self defense is included.

And they have quotes such as this : “I’m a single mom and I’ve got two kids, so I feel like if I’m ever put in a situation where I need to protect them, I’d prefer to have a gun."

McCrum said almost every woman she encountered while working on this project talked passionately about gun safety. Many also were completely conversant on the gun laws in their states. McCrum, who doesn’t own a gun herself, was struck by the ease and confidence so many women had with their weapons after years of training with a huge emphasis on safety.

I will note that in the slideshow there's not one EBR or semi-auto handgun (other than one on a policewoman's hip). However there is a 44 magnum and 454 Casull which are more than most auto's.

Perhaps the book would have pictures of some "scary" guns.

Still. Interesting

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