Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turtles all the way down...

So due to the union reforms (such as no auto withholding of union dues) the Wisconsins Education Association Council has to reduce staff.

Imagine that! When you give people a choice on whether or not they want to give money to a union, many choose not to. Well can't have that.

The funny part is that the WEAC workers are unionized. (Of course they are). And their union, the National Staff Organization, is boycotting the WEAC.

Yes, there is a union for the bureaucrats running the first union. One wonders if the workers at the NSO have their own union too?

And I'm sure having all these union workers on the taxpayer dime are paragons of efficiency. How dare Scott Walker and his ilk dare stop mandatory payment to these fine people?

Clearly Wisconsin teachers cannot be trusted to pay these fine chaps of their own free will.

Via Glen Reynolds who thinks of a different animal: "And smaller fleas to bite ‘em."

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