Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dating Don'ts

A bit of dating advice via Ace of Spade's Overnight Thread.

Good stuff. Mostly common sense stuff.

Basically, a date's not an excuse to vent about your past or interrogate them about theirs, and a bit about self control (drinking, emotions, spending, drama-llama).

And ends with a pet peeve of mine.

7. Playing on your cell phone. When my boyfriend and I go to dinner, I turn my phone off (and we’ve been together two years). So the least you can do on a first date is make a good first impression by not answering your phone at the table or playing Angry Birds during dessert.

Yes. Gah, that's a killer. Maybe it's an age thing but if you must leave your phone on put it in vibrate and discretely check to see if it's an emergency.

Ah well. Minor, but first impressions are first impressions for a reason.

Edit: Changed the title for crony alliteration

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