Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cracked.com is so transgressive...

That they have an article of someone who was wrongfully suspected of plotting a school shooting...  demand the schools and the police be even more intrusive.

See...  because he was a goth who wrote bad poetry...  which in his own admission wasn't exactly threatening...   the cops and school admin determined he was a... goth who wrote bad poetry.

And yes, seriously this is what he was demanding:

If you were a cop and charged with investigating whether or not some kid was the insane shooter anonymous tipsters were making him out to be, what steps would you take? Intense questioning of the suspect? A meeting with his parents? Maybe obtain a warrant to search his house for weapons? Check back every couple days for signs of mental deterioration? Nothing at fucking all?
And then he explains the "nothing" the cops did,  which was interview him and monitor is place of employment.

Oh and the school also "did nothing"  well other than:

I told the principal why I wrote the words I wrote, made it perfectly clear that I never had any intention of doing anything remotely violent, and insisted that I never threatened his or anyone else's lives. That's all. I even threw in the self-deprecating line about how there was no way I'd be invited to a party, so there was no way I could incite a panic at one. And I still got spared.
And gee... I'm sure the principal wasn't talking with the cops, nor looking at the writer's school records.

But the real funny part?  The writer opens of with this:

Here's something we keep forgetting about mass shooters... they usually tell us they're about to murder.
Now note... he opens with how mass shooters are pretty open with their intents, even linking to an article that shows that these goblins have a long history of visible early warning signs. 

Could the school admin and the cops have done more?  Well that's a leading question isn't it.  But hardly from "doing nothing", in this case, the authority figures acutally seemed to ascertain the writer's actual situation.

You know normally the people demanding "We need to do something!"  aren't directly asking for a jackboot to the neck.  But sometimes... they cut out the middleman.

Well at least he's not using this do demand more gun control. Well... recall the quote above. What did I cut out? That's where he went on about the Newtontruthers and used them to laugh off the idea that the President wanted to buy guns.

He also went on a joke about how "You can buy guns at Walmart!" Because apparently we need to "close the FFL loophole".

But other than that no demands for any sort of legislation or  even mentioning "gun culture".   So there is that.

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