Thursday, January 29, 2015

Okay Cracked.... you made me laugh.

But maybe not for the reason you expected.

 I take a tiny bit of enjoyment on the difference in tittles.  See on the homepage this article is called "5 Things You Don't (Want to) Know About Your Justice System"  but on its own page the article is titled 5 Ways America's Justice System is Designed to Screw You

And this bit:  " The advantage [public defenders have] is that in our brief year or two on the job, we're able to see a shitload of cases. That means we know which judge is more sympathetic to single mothers and which prosecutors seek excessive sentences. Meanwhile, private attorneys spend most of their time in family or corporate law -- rarely do they do criminal cases full-time, and they don't see a fraction as many as we do."

Yeah...  that's why if you find yourself needing legal representation for a major charges...  maybe just maybe you shouldn't get someone without experience...

And for the self defense angle.  This is why it's kind of important to have a self defense attorney in hand.   Especially given the whole "Do not talk to the police." thing.

Course...  as bad as the American justice system is I'd prefer it head and shoulders over other first world nation's systems like say... Japan or Italy or France.  (And that's not to say that there aren't reforms that are required.. but that's another can of worms)

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