Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New K31 Polymer Charger Clips.

Oh neat.

Northridge is making polymer charger clips for the K31 and Schmidt-Rubin rifles (G1911, K11, G96/11). About time someone did this! The originals were meant to be disposable, and are remarkably difficult to find these days. The polymer ones look good, but are still prototypes (I tried hard, but couldn’t get the booth rep to let me take one to try out). They should be available in a couple months, and I will be getting a few to test out and let you know how they run. Price is planned to be $14 each or 2 for $20. That’s not much less than original, but at least they will be available…and hopefully the price will drop over time.

Oh,  well the price could be better.


Jonathan Bartels said...
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Jonathan Bartels said...

"That’s not much less than original" - Duh! The market says that these strippers are worth $X each. Even if the new model is cheaper or more available why wouldn't they sell them at the current market value?

New C&R goodies AND an econ lesson! :D

The Jack said...

Well technically, they'd sell them at slightly under current market value.

That way they establish a competitive advantage at minimal marginal cost.

Given the price point is "not much less than the original" that seems to be their intent.

Course as a potential consumer I prefer that undercut factor to be higher, but that's just the way of the game.